NISHIGAKI is a family owned hardware manufacturer in MIKI city Japan. We have been creating exceptional value for our customers through continuous innovation and improvement.

Based on the valuable traditional skills from one of the Japan’s historical hardware making cities, we are proud of producing cutting edge products that meet the demands of the times.

Company Profile

Established 1974
Incorporated 1983
Capital JPY 10,000,000-
Business Manufacturer & Exporter of Cutting tools,
Design & Development of Industrial Machines
Headquarters No.500, Ohmura, MIKI 673-0404 JAPAN
Web Site https://www.nishigakicorporation.jp
E-mail en-sales@nishigakicorporation.jp
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MIKI-Hardware Tradition

Miki Hardware was born from mixture of traditional technique and modern technology.
Miki is well known to all of Japan as one of the oldest towns of blacksmiths. The hardware industry of the city has more than 400 years history. Its hardware remind us of the pride of craftsmen.

MIKI City map

What We Value


Safety comes first! But, sometimes efficiency tops safety in real working environments.
We pursue products that provide the best possible safety efficiency balance to reduce hazards on site.

Easy to use

Same as Safety, one of the important factor of tools is “Easy to Use”. As aging society goes on, elderly people as well as women are becoming main user of our products. We keep offer “Easy to Use” products to be of help especially to those customers.


Our motto: Being friendly with the nature, naturally links to the idea of “Eco-Friendly”.
Also, we think “Sharpening” is the act of making the most of materials. Through using sharpeners, the life of tools are prolonged, and that results in Eco friendly.


As a successor of our precious traditional cutlery art, we value and pursue qualities of our products.
Not only the quality of blades, but we offer best sales and customer services.